Muslim customs Halal Food inbound

Muslim [hospitality]

Muslim customs Halal Food inbound How can [hospitality] to Muslims? It got off to a year until the Tokyo Olympics. Continue to continue to report the scene of the towards the Olympic [Muslim support from the Muslim point of view the last. This time, I think I would like to take up for the meal support. The term [halal] a few years ago as a meal corresponding to the Muslims came to be taken up in the press. Although the Halal is a term that means the ones that are allowed to God] in Islamic law, but as is often used in the sense that [what Muslims can eat] in recent years in Japan. In the mass media [Muslims must obtain the halal mark in order to eat at ease] is often Hojiru in a tone that. For this reason, the restaurant to get the halal mark towards the Olympics has been increasing year by year. Of course, in the Koran there is a description of the contraindications of food such as alcohol or pork, Muslims not be free to eat anything.

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